Mohamed Abotera

Mohamad Abotera was trained as an architect. In his career, he worked in the fields of academic teaching and research, cultural project management, and architectural design. He finished his MA in Architecture, Globalisation, and Cultural Identity at the University of Westminster in 2007. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at the University of Antwerp with a project on hegemony and tactical urbanism. In his work and research, he is generally interested in arts and culture in public space, representations, informalities, and grassroots’ movements. Since 2014, he has been managing the arts and culture program at the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute – DEDI; an intergovernmental organisation working on cultural exchange and understanding. One of DEDI’s larger projects is concerned with cinema where children’s films is a main component. Since 2017 DEDI has been working with and for children hoping to encourage the production of children’s films with local content in Egypt.