Nasser Alissa (Atallah)

Nasser Alissa (Atallah), 49 years old, from Deheisheh refugee camp, Bethlehem, OPT. He holds a BA in Social work and Minor in Psychology from Bethlehem University.

He is working as MENA Regional Director since 2010 with Child Rights International Network (CRIN). He is the co-founder and Chairperson of Shoruq organization which works with Refugee children in Palestine. He is also General Assembly member of Ibdaa cultural Center in Deheisheh Refugee camp.

After graduation in 1995, he began working with Defence for Children International / Palestine Section (DCI/PS) as Programmes Coordinator for their Socio Legal Defense Centers in the West Bank, specifically working with children in conflict with the law.

The scope of his work at CRIN is tackling child rights violations issues in the MENA region including children in armed conflict, child soldiers, inhuman sentencing and children in conflict with the law. This includes cooperating with a broad range of NGOs across the region.