Natalie Habib

Nathalie Habib / Partner @ Blink Studios
Nathalie is deeply immersed in the development, execution and delivery of engaging media content driven by the belief that strongly developed visual storytelling can inspire change and positively impact perception of the Arab world and its people. In close connection to understanding today’s powerful tech-driven solutions, her mission is to ensure that original content is produced to positively engage and resonate with today’s young audiences. She carries a proven portfolio of creating and developing original IPs, as well as, leading the production of internationally commissioned projects. Nathalie holds a BA in English Literature with a minor in Child Education from the American University of Beirut, and has recently completed MIT’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. She holds talks and meetings with regional and international entities that engage on the latest advancements that can accelerate positive impact through the power of media, education and technology.