Suzanne Kanso

Suzanne Kanso, Lebanese Canadian war child, holds a postgraduate specialization in Children’s Media. She moved back to Canada when she was fifteen years old and identifies as a resilient immigrant and storyteller. She spends her time facilitating the Storytelling Club (STC), keeping current with latest trends and technologies in digital storytelling (VR/AR) and conducting qualitative and quantitative research. Suzanne is on a mission to promote inclusivity, identity and representation through her work and travels on a local and global level.

She is a TEDx organizer, 1 of 4 selected global children’s media judges for Japan Prize, receiver of 3 presidential Canadian awards, winner of My Hero International Film Festival “The Day I Became Strong: When I Confronted the Teacher from Lebanon” and Reel World Film Festival “Listen to Me” as co-director and researcher, and featured as one of the Top 50 success stories in 50 Years in Toronto, Canada. Suzanne is also the President & Co-Founder of Echoed: Yalla, Speak Up! – a Non-Profit Foundation aimed at amplifying the unheard voices of kids and youth who have been subject to all forms of trauma as refugees, orphans and marginalized communities by fostering a safe and empowered space. Furthermore, Suzanne holds public engagements, workshops and meetings with presidential, governmental, and influential stakeholders to sustainably advance positive impact through compelling narratives, to disrupt negative stereotypes and to reduce stigmatization.

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“The Storytelling Club”